Power Quality Consultants


Need a Full Service Power, Grounding & Environmental Consulting Firm to Identify and Help Resolve those Complex Problems that are Impacting Your Business Operations? 

If you are looking for someone to assist you in finding solutions to fix your problems wouldn't it be wise to get the one person or company with the widest range of skills to go in any direction the problem may take you?  Call the Power Experts or Grounding Experts at our number below.

Our services include a minimum three day on site look at your issues using a variety of high technology power line analyzers from among the best available full disclosure Cat III, Cat IV 600v and 1000v equipment.  These include looking for transients, sags and surges on all currents and voltages on each phase neutral and ground to international standards.  Our consultants install and use these according to NFPA 70E with appropriate safety PPE. 

Additionally, we can investigate from 1 microamp at 120vac up to 600 vac at 6000 amp (50 & 60 HZ) distribution switchgear with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment and can monitor critical power without a power shutdown.  We can monitor 400 HZ up to 600 volts on shipboard, locomotives, or aircraft.  We use safety fusing techniques on monitoring equipment test leads.  Rarely, if ever, do we need to shut down power, during an investigation.

We use very sensitive instruments to look for currents on the grounding of your equipment also as a normal part of an engagement for a client.  Additional environmental factors include magnetic and electric fields that might influence or upset equipment, temperature and humidity or the psychometrics.  An end result is generally dramatically lowered maintenance service, and lowered downtime costs after we have "cleaned a facility" of power and grounding issues!  End result: Higher 9's of uptime and fewer or no "unexplained problems"!

Are You A Manufacturer or Field Service Organization with Product or Site Problems?

Custom Field Investigations for product failures, in our lab or yours, we can find solutions to your problems.  We are not shy of accepting the most difficult assignments except worn torn areas (more cost) or towers (Sub-contractors) - this helps us stay fresh and active in many environments and better for our next Client.  Have an unreliable or high failure rate product that is failing in the field environment?  We can find your problem and offer solutions!

For The Future...

Worried About E1, E2, E3 Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP, HEMP, NEMP, SEMP, etc.) Damaging your Facilities?  It is an extremely serious threat to a modern society and practically no one is protected - Are You?  Here is the latest reliable information in the form of a report to congress: www.EMP.us.com .  We can help you harden your facilities!

Cost Conscious?

What's even better? Our normal end of job report is included Free - including an additional power monitoring report if we monitor power during our visit!  Additional reports are based on time and expense.


Can we assist your company?  The Call and Initial Consultation are Free! 

"Power Lines Talk - We Listen and Translate!"